May 1989 Table of Contents

Eave Details: Practical Ways to Insulate & Ventilate

How to get good airflow and high R-value at the eaves has long confounded cold-climate designers. Here, energy-efficient builders share their solutions. Read more

Estimating Roofing Without Leaving the Ground

A roofing contractor describes how with simple math and a little ingenuity, you can get fast, accurate estimates without laying a foot on the roof. Read more

Fast Framing with Trusses

Tips and cautions on how to succeed with roof trusses are offered by a Pennsylvania contractor. Also, how speed-minded production framers handle trusses. Read more

Lightning Protection Primer

Home electronics and other changes in construction are expanding the market for lightning protection. A leading expert explains basic system layout. Read more

Residential Tear-Offs

Stripping roof shingles is no one’s idea of a good time. But this survey of roofing contractors reveals tools and techniques that make the work neater, faster, and safer. Read more

Rooftop Safety

Statistics rate roofing 18th among America’s most hazardous professions. But your own site can be one of the safe ones if you employ good sense and decent equipment. Read more

Shopping for Structural Metal Roofs

Some metal roofing systems are better thought out by the manufacturer than others. This guide points out the critical components that can make or break a system. Read more

Skylights: Design & Installation Basics

To get the most from this ever-popular item, you need to think through the details of design and installation. Read more

Vinyl Window Durability

Vinyl Window Durability Read more

Kitchen & Bath
For What It's Worth

The Journal's pick of curious, interesting and useful products. Read more

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