September 1989 Table of Contents

Discovering Architectural Millworks

Architectural millwork doesn’t cost much more than lumberyard work. A pro tells how you can use this specialty trade to tackle complex jobs. Read more

Evaluating Wood Structures

Don’t be surprised by structural problems halfway through a renovation. An engineer tells you how to spot trouble early in a quick walk-through inspection. Read more

Letting Them Know You're the Best

If you’re in remodeling for the long haul, it’s not enough just to do good work. These practical marketing tips will make sure that your reputation precedes you. Read more

Lead Paint: A Renovator's Hazard

The push is on to legislate that older homes be stripped of lead paint. This update provides practical guidelines on how to proceed when faced with a lead-abatement job. Read more

Mall Remodeling: On the Road Again

A traveling mall remodeler talks about the tools of his trade and the difficulties of working within the frantic schedule of retail rehab. Read more

Opportunities in Insurance Repair

Insurance restoration accounts for $30 billion of construction business a year. A leader in the field describes the special challenges and rewards of this largely untapped market. Read more

Porch Repair From The Bottom Up

Two preservationists describe step-by-step how to rehab an expansive porch—starting with sagging floors, tilted columns, and peeling paint. Read more

Simple Scheduling for Remodelers

A leading remodeler describes a practical way to track multiple jobs—despite the fact that most remodeling jobs run by Murphy’s Law. Read more

Are Two Roofs Too Many?

Are Two Roofs Too Many? Read more

For What It's Worth

The Journal's pick of curious, interesting and useful products. Read more

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