April 1990 Table of Contents

Framing a Gable Dormer

This technique for framing a roof intersection puts the weight on the ridge and top plate where it belongs. It just takes a little 8th-grade geometry. Read more

Have Building Will Travel

A seasoned building mover describes how good planning, judgement, and tools can make a structural building move go smoothly. Read more

Managing a Framing Business

A New Mexico framing contractor describes how he keeps nearly 50 framers productive and committed. Read more

OSB: Job-Site Report

Oriented-strand board is replacing plywood on many job sites. Many builders, however, remain skeptical. Here’s a job-site review from a contractor who made the switch. Read more

Preventing Wind Failures

Moderate winds can cause major damage to an unfinished building. A structural engineer outlines simple steps to prevent blow-downs and to meet code requirements. Read more

Profit & Loss Statements

With lending rules changing in the 90’s, make sure your P&L statement reflects the things lenders want to see. A financial consultant explains how. Read more

Simple Drawing for Remodelers & Builders

Good plan drawings make for smoother sales and construction. A remodeler/designer gives his tips on how to produce clean, inexpensive drawings. Read more

Tools of the Framing Trade

Tool choices are subjective, but the types of brands you settle on can make a difference in your bottom line. Here’s one framing contractor’s choices. Read more

Builder's Library

Construction Disasters: Causes & Cures Read more

For What It's Worth

New Beams on the Block Read more

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