December 1990 Table of Contents

Backdraftng: Causes and Cures

Despite better furnace and fireplace design, spilling of toxic flue gases remains a problem, especially in tight houses. A leading researcher offers solutions. Read more

Hanging Up Your Tool Belt

How to survive the two most difficult transition periods in the growth of your remodeling business — from a successful remodeler and consultant. Read more

Housing Imports: Threat or Opportunity?

On visits to Japan and Sweden, our Midwest editor found that foreign housing has a technological edge, but that U.S. builders retain a big home-court advantage. Read more

Innovations From Abroad

A number of foreign building products represent true innovation. Here’s a selection of recent introductions to the U.S. market. Read more

Shopping for Transits & Builders Levels

Not all transits are created equal. A repair expert tells what to look for and what to avoid when buying a new or used instrument. Read more

Ten Shortcuts That Don't Pay

Ever wonder how some building practices fare over time? A home inspector reports back on ten areas where cutting corners leads to trouble. Read more

Q & A
Steel for Footings

Steel for Footings Read more

For What It's Worth

Weatherproof Ridge Vent Read more

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