February 1990 Table of Contents

Factory Building and Smaller Builder

With high-priced land, labor shortages, and competition from production giants, many stick builders are giving factory building a second look. Read more

Fast & Accurate Framing the Panelized Way

Factory-built wall panels are not only square and true, they can also cut overhead, time, and design work. We examine the pros and cons of framing with panels. Read more

Pre-Fab Products for Site-Built Homes

Manufactured components aren’t limited to structural panels and trusses. Here’s a wide-ranging collection of factory-made items for interiors and exteriors. Read more

Think Steel

This long-time steel builder describes the basics of pre-cut steel house frames and why he’ll take the screw gun over the hammer any day. Read more

Interview: Why Switch to Modular?

A developer who builds both modular and stick weighs the merits of both and tells under what conditions modular makes the most sense. Read more

For What It's Worth

Just Like Legos Read more

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