January 1990 Table of Contents

Business Plan Basics

Without a road map, it’s tough to know where your company is headed or how to get there. A home builder and business consultant describes how to chart your course. Read more

Carpenters of Invention

Have you ever dreamed of making millions on a work-saving invention? Here’s a look at four who took the leap and are bringing their better mousetraps to market. Read more

Contractors' Discounts

If you don’t ask for discounts, you won’t get them. This report describes who to approach and how to negotiate your best price. Read more

High-End Remodeling: Building on Customer Satisfaction

Remodeling veteran Deva Rajan tells how his business has succeeded through careful management of customer concerns. Read more

A Plain-Language Construction Contract

A good contract can help you get paid on time and stay out of court. Two lawyers specializing in construction law walk you through a sample contract. Read more

Sub or Employee?

As skilled labor grows scarcer, reliance on subs is increasing. To protect yourself from legal liability and tax penalties, make sure you follow these guidelines. Read more

Q & A
What’s Best With a Roof-Top Deck?

What’s Best With a Roof-Top Deck? Read more

For What It's Worth

Splinter Grabbers Read more

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