July 1990 Table of Contents

Building A Motivated Staff

A remodeler with a background in human services describes how to build a loyal, productive staff — and why that’s critical to your success. Read more

Interview: Rafter Framing with Wood I-Beams

Illinois builder Mike Hoch explains why he uses engineered members for rafters and offers tips on handling, cutting, and installation. Read more

Maintaining and Repairing Pneumatic Nailers

JLC’s tool specialist explains how air fasteners work, how to keep them in top shape, and how to take advantage of manufacturers’ tech support. Read more

Plastics in Construction: Finding New Niches

After years of testing the market, plastics giants and small innovators are entering construction in a big way. Here is a sampling of some surprising new uses. Read more

Technology To Keep in Touch

Cellular phones, walkie-talkies, and other high-tech communications gear are changing the way many builders work. Here are the practical options. Read more

Unusual Power Tools

Every craftsman knows that the right tool can turn a bear of a job into a breeze. Here are a few favorites of a veteran contractor and hard-core tool hound. Read more

Builder's Library

"Siding, Painting: An Overview" Read more

For What It's Worth

Special Issue Focus: Innovative Materials Read more

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