June 1990 Table of Contents

Coping With Low-VOC Paints

Paint manufacturers are changing their formulations to meet new solvent regs in metro areas. A painting contractor reports on how the controversial new paints are affecting job quality and profitability. Read more

A Hard Look at Hardboard Siding

This 50-year-old product has taken its share of knocks. Is it because of inherent problems or because installers and owners aren't holding up their end of the deal? JLC takes a look. Read more

Landscaping With Brick Pavers

Brick and concrete pavers can provide an attractive and durable outdoor surface. An expert explains how to select and install the materials. Read more

Rural Driveways

A paving expert describes how to plan, prepare, and pave a long driveway. The key to longevity is a good drainable base. Read more

Sealing Around Windows

In this new section, readers share techniques they've found useful for solving sticky construction problems. Read more

Stripping Exterior Paint

A restoration expert explains the pros and cons of mechanical, chemical, and heat paint removal and how to test and bid a job. Read more

For What It's Worth

Low-VOC Adhesive Read more

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