May 1990 Table of Contents

Flashing the Tricky Spots

Plan your flashing joints ahead of time. Two expert roofers describe how—for six tough residential flashing problems. Read more

Flat Roof Liability

Many commercial roofing jobs require costly repairs due to defects. Two construction lawyers describe the risks involved and how to protect yourself. Read more

Production Roof Cutting Production Roof Cutting

A production framer turned custom builder explains efficient roof layout and cutting techniques for simple gables, hips, and valleys. Read more

Radon Regulation Update

Radon codes are law in some areas and soon-to-be law in others. But with or without such laws, buyers and relocation companies are beginning to demand radon-resistant features. Read more

Roofing with Concrete Tile

As with all roofing, the quality of the installation determines the longevity of a concrete roof. A pro describes the critical details. Read more

Sealing & Painting Treated Wood

Pressure-treated wood will warp, split, and weather unless you protect it with sealers and other finishes. Here’s how to select and apply them. Read more

Tight Cathedral Ceilings

Cathedral ceilings can cause insulation and ventilation headaches, and an occasional indoor rainstorm. A builder who’s tested several options describes workable solutions. Read more

For What It's Worth

Builders Show Highlights Read more

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