October 1990 Table of Contents

Detail: Ventilation Innovations

Crawlspaces and roofs need vents, but the standard details don’t always fit. Here are two clever solutions to common venting problems. Read more

Interview: Staining & Finishing Interior Millwork

Two painting veterans discuss how to get superior results with stains and clear finishes on woodwork — from prep work and scheduling to brush care. Read more

Laying Marble and Granite Tiles

These materials are growing in popularity. An installation contractor tells how to get the best results and avoid the pitfalls. Read more

Simple CAD for the Mac

Computer-aided design won’t make you a great designer. But the right program can make drawing and revising much easier. Here’s what’s available for Mac users. Read more

Successful Floorplans for Small Houses

To allocate space correctly in a small house, consider using the component method, which matches floorplans to the needs of small home buyers. Read more

Underlayments for Resilient Flooring

With resilient flooring, the choice of underlayment is critical. This guide to selection and installation will help you get good performance. Read more

Q & A
For What It's Worth

Testing For Lead in Old Plumbing Read more

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