September 1990 Table of Contents

The Basic Masonry Chimney

Safety first is the chimney builder’s prime rule. An expert mason tells how to detail a masonry chimney that will meet both code and budget. Read more

Design Fees for Remodelers

Rather than give away free design work, this Georgia remodeler gets a retainer after his rough drawing and ballpark estimate are accepted. Read more

Designing Additions That Fit

If you want your additions to complement the existing building, follow these guidelines from a Denver architect who specializes in residential remodeling. Read more

Detail: Cinching Up an Old Schoolhouse

This repair of a cracked brick building illustrates the forces at work when an old foundation settles and how to master them. Read more

Floating Hardwood Floors

Longstrip floors, manufactured and prefinished in Europe, install quickly and can go over almost any level surface. An industry consultant explains how. Read more

Interview: Sunspace Business: Changing with the Times

Sunspace veterans Robert Chew and Ray Silva discuss the changing market for sunrooms, and their diversification from sunspace installers to successful remodelers. Read more

Slabjacking Basics

A veteran slabjacking contractor explains how grout injection can lift and level tilting slabs. Read more

When You Have To Cut A Truss

Trusses are engineered systems and cannot be simply cut and headed off like rafters. Two case studies demonstrate the care needed to safely modify a truss. Read more

Builder's Library

Inspection Books Vary Read more

For What It's Worth

Fast Flashing for Decks Read more

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