August 1991 Table of Contents

Cathedral Ceiling Solutions

It’s tough to get the necessary insulation and ventilation into a compact sloped ceiling. Here’s what works best for contractors around the country. Read more

Clearing the Kitchen Air

Not all kitchen exhaust fans are created equal. Here’s a rundown of what works to clear the air, and what doesn’t. Read more

Detail: Best Energy-Efficient Wall Design

This strapped wall design won top honors for energy-efficiency, buildability, and simplicity. Read more

Engineered Beams & Headers

Engineered beam stock is finding its way onto more sites. This review of glulams, LVL, and other specialty beams tells how to make the best use of the new materials. Read more

Good Help Wanted

Can’t find decent carpenters anymore? Successful builders and remodelers share their strategies for recruiting and hiring good help. Read more

Installing Fixed Glass

An experienced sunspace builder describes how to install glass to get long-lasting performance in vertical and sloped applications. Read more

Working the Bugs Out of High-Efficiency HVAC

Early users of high-performance HVAC faced many disappointments. The latest generation of equipment works well — as long as it’s installed correctly. Read more

Q & A
Q&A: Rigid Foam on Wall Interiors

Q: Can rigid foam board be used on the inside of a wall as both insulation and a vapor retarder? If so, how should it be detailed? Read more

Q&A: Silcone Caulk on Cedar

Q: I have heard that silicon caulk should not be used with cedar trim. Is this true? If so, why? Read more

Q&A: Venting a Diamond Hip

Q: How should a "diamond" hip roof (one with four hip rafters rising to a point) be ventilated? Read more

Q&A: Sheathing Nails Popping Through Shingles

Q: A year ago, I removed an old wood shingle roof and replaced it with asphalt shingles. In many places, we replaced sections of the old board sheathing with new rough-sawn lumber. Now, the 8d common sheathing nails holding the new 6- to 12-inch-wide boards are popping up. Several nails have worked through the new shingles. What might be causing this problem, and how can it be corrected? Read more

For What It's Worth

"The Journal's pick of curious, interesting, and useful products" Read more

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