December 1991 Table of Contents

Door Hanging Jigs

Three craftsmen describe the jigs they use to speed the task of hanging doors. Read more

Five Steps to Better Remodeling Sales

The ability to sell is as basic to the business as construction skills. A remodeler shares some of the techniques he’s learned. Read more

Builder's Guide to Common Code Violations

A former builder, now a code official, reports on the violations he sees again and again, and how to avoid them. Read more

Shopping for Entry Doors

JLC examines what features and finishes to look for in exterior doors and reviews the latest innovations. Read more

Window Technology Update

Today’s high-tech windows offer more options than ever. We examine which features are worth the investment. Read more

Q & A
Q&A: Venting A Sloped Crawlspace

Q: How do you vent a crawlspace under a house on a sloping site? On a recent job, the uphill side was covered with a patio and the customer wouldn’t accept window wells in the patio. Will this side get enough ventilation with conventional vents along the pony walls on the downhill side? Read more

Q&A: Hemlock Board-and-Batten Siding

Q: I am working on a project where native (New York) hemlock boardand-batten siding has been specified. I am not familiar with this material. How should I prep and install it? Read more

Q&A: Underlayment for Tile

Q: Should an underlayment be used with ceramic tile over a plywood subfloor? If so, what material would you recommend? Read more

Q&A: Installing Shingles in Cold Weather

Q: We have a lot of trouble installing fiberglass shingles in cold weather. The shingles tend to split and the tabs won’t seal. The old organic asphalt shingles seem to be unavailable. Any suggestions? Read more

Builder's Library

Scaled-Down Graphic Standards Read more

For What It's Worth

"The Journal's pick of curious, interesting, and useful products" Read more

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