July 1991 Table of Contents

Custom Mantels From Stock Moldings

A contractor tells how he builds formal fireplace mantels with materials available at his local lumberyard. Read more

How Do I Use My Computer?

To get the most our of your computer, you’ll need training. Here’s where to look for help. Read more

Making Computers Earn Their Keep: Four Case Studies

Four contractors describe the ups and downs of acquiring computers — both IBM and Mac — and making them do useful work. Read more

New Numbers for Dimensional Lumber

The design values for lumber are changing after 12 years of testing. Here’s how the new numbers will affect the way you build. Read more

Retrofit Sound Control

How remodelers can beef up residential wall, floor, and ceiling systems to create quiet spaces. Read more

Survey Results: Contractors and Computers

JLC readers speak out on computers. Most who have made the leap now find them indispensable to their businesses. Read more

When Walls Go Round

A framer with 40 years of experience describes simple ways to frame curved walls, including details for windows and fire-blocking. Read more

Q & A
Q&A: Is Housewrap Needed?

Q: Can I lay wood clapboards directly over plywood sheathing, or do I need some kind of air barrier such as a plastic housewrap, rosin paper, or 15 pound felt? Will rosin paper absorb and hold moisture? Will the felt create a cold-side vapor barrier? Read more

Q&A: Builder’s Reference Books

Q: I need a source that I can go to as a builder the way a writer goes to a thesaurus. Do you know of a book of carpentry terms that lists the parts of a house, down to the smallest detail? Read more

Q&A: Powder Post Beetles

Q: I am working on an old oak timber-frame house which has been infested with powder-post beetles. The exterminators say the beetles are gone. How can I test the extent of the damage to the beams? Read more

For What It's Worth

"The Journal's pick of curious, interesting, and useful products" Read more

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