June 1991 Table of Contents

Decks of Distinction

Use curves, level changes, and built-ins to make decks that are more than just wood platforms. Read more

Detail: No Wimpy Cornices

Don’t undersize cornices and other exterior trim. Traditional designs offer guidance. Read more

Economical Wood Siding

Knotty grades are a lot less expensive than clear, but they are also less forgiving. Read more

Group Therapy for Remodelers

How one remodeler improved his business after an intensive review by his peers. Read more

Building to Ledge with Foam Forms

Foam-core blocks offered the cheapest way to build this 17-sided foundation on solid rock. Read more

Painting Lessons

Case studies teach how to steer clear of exterior paint failures. Read more

Tool Survey Results

JLC readers tell what tools they own and which they find most valuable. Read more

Q & A
Q&A: Will A Steep Roof Last Longer?

Q: Is it true that the steeper a roof is, the longer it will last? Read more

Q&A: Under-Slab Heating Ducts & Air Quality

Q: Do under-slab heating ducts create any health problems with mold, radon, etc.? If so, what can be done to avoid these hazards? Read more

Q&A: Backerboard: Which Side Faces Out?

Q: Should I install cementitious backerboard (Durock, Wonderboard, etc.) with the rough or the smooth side facing out? Read more

Q&A: Wide Plank Flooring Problems

Q: Why are my wide-board pine floors shrinking and warping? Read more

Q&A: Spacing of T&G Plywood

Q: How should tongue-and-groove plywood be laid? Do you have to account for expansion between sheets? Read more

For What It's Worth

"The Journal's pick of curious, interesting, and useful products" Read more

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