March 1991 Table of Contents

Case Study: A Wooden Grade Beam

Concrete piers and a grade beam can provide an economical foundation on some sites. Here’s how to compute the loads and lay out the work. Read more

Foundation Layout by Transit

How to quickly and accurately lay out and level a foundation using a one-minute transit and calculator. Read more

Managing for Quality Control

A Santa Fe builder explains how quality control is the result of close site supervision and good communication between client, builder, and subs. Read more

Steel-Stud Partitions

A journeyman carpenter explains how to install steel studs and tells why he prefers them on many remodeling jobs. Read more

Timber Retaining Walls That Last

A landscape contractor shows how to build timber retainers that look good and hold up. Also, a look at a new approach to timber walls using geotextiles. Read more

Turning Trash Into Cash

Slowly but surely, recycling is coming to the building industry. JLC explores the debris pile to evaluate small contractors’ options. Read more

A Woman's Guide to Survival in the Building Trades

A woman carpenter gives her perspective on how a woman can work efficiently on a predominantly male job site. Read more

Q & A
Q&A: Can Fibers Replace Wire Mesh in Slabs?

Q: Can polypropylene fiber additives (such as Fibermesh) be used instead of welded wire mesh in concrete slabs? Read more

Q&A: Fire Ratings for Engineered Lumber

Q: Do laminated veneer lumber (LVL) and wood I-beams have a lower fire rating than conventional wood framing members? If so, have the model codes addressed this? Read more

Q&A: Do Termite Shields Work?

Q: Will termite shields actually deter the insects from entering a house? Read more

Q&A: Preventing Shrinkage in Headers

Q: Before closing in the walls on a recent job, we noticed that a 3/16-inch gap had opened up between the jack stud and the header. Is this much shrinkage normal? How can we prevent this? Read more

Builder's Library

Concrete Construction Details Read more

For What It's Worth

"The Journal's pick of curious, interesting, and useful products" Read more

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