October 1991 Table of Contents

Case Study: Timber Frame Fiasco

The five-year-old house looked fine until they opened up a wall and discovered severe decay. A year later, the building was torn down. Here are the lessons learned. Read more

Detail: Two Classic Trim Styles

A finish contractor shows how to satisfy Classical or Victorian tastes using off-the-shelf moldings and a little imagination. Read more

Employee Benefits That Work

Contractors share the benefits they’ve devised to keep employees happy without busting the company’s budget. Read more

Field Guide to Common Framing Errors Field Guide to Common Framing Errors

In traveling to sites around the country, this field rep sees a lot of framing failures that could have been easily prevented. Read more

Keeping Scaffolds Safe

Understrength or damaged planks cause many staging failures. A wood technologist explains how to avoid these and other accidents. Read more

On Site With Gypsonite

The Journal tests a new type of wall-board that manufacturers promise will revolutionize the industry. Read more

Waterborne Finishes for Hardwood Floors

Originally developed to comply with solvent regs, water-based finishes are now winning converts. A flooring contractor tells how to make them work. Read more

Q & A
Q&A: Eaves Venting With No Soffit Q&A: Eaves Venting With No Soffit

Q: How can I ventilate the eaves of a roof that has no soffit, but has a gutter on the fascia? Read more

Q&A: Footing Concerns With High Water Table

Q: We are planning to build on a site with fine sand and silt soil. Code requires a foundation depth of at least 2 feet, but during the summer the water table rises to within 2 feet of the surface because of the irrigation of adjacent fields. How should the footing be designed to prevent possible settlement? Read more

Q&A: Drying Time for Spray Cellulose

Q: What is the typical drying time for wet-spray cellulose insulation? What happens if the insulation freezes before it dries? Will it dry after it warms up in the spring? Read more

Q&A: Moisture-Resistant Drywall on Porch Ceiling

Q: Is moisture-resistant drywall an appropriate ceiling material for an open porch? Read more

For What It's Worth

"The Journal's pick of curious, interesting, and useful products" Read more

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