August 1992 Table of Contents

Finding Hidden Heat Leaks

Even many “energy-efficient” homes lose heat through overlooked gaps in the building’s thermal envelope. Here are the most common weak spots and how to fix them. Read more

A Finish Carpenter's Wish List

For interior finish work to look its best, the framing must be accurate. A finish carpenter tells where to take special care. Read more

The One-Man Crew

In most cases, the more worker on site, the less efficient the crew. A field production manager tells how to get more out of less. Read more

Radiant Slab Techniques

A heating engineer with a number of radiant slabs under his belt offers practical guidelines for successful slab-on-grade installations. Read more

Remodeling Stress Syndrome

Most customers experience stress during a major remodel. Here are some tips for helping your customers. Read more

Shopping for Setback Thermostats

An energy specialist tells what features to look for when selecting a setback thermostat. Read more

Timber Ceilings in Stick-Built Houses

Two timber framers tell how to combine an old-world timber-frame look with modern light-frame construction. Read more

Q & A
Q&A: Galvanized Nails for Pneumatic Guns

Q: Are all zinc-coated nails for pneumatic nailers created equal? Read more

Q&A: Wall vs. Ceiling Vapor Retarders

Q: Will a vapor retarder be effective on the walls if there is no retarder in the ceiling? Read more

Q&A: Purlins vs. Plywood Under Shake Roofs

Q: For shake roofs, can I substitute purlins for plywood roof sheathing? Does the plywood serve as a diaphragm on a sloped roof? Read more

Q&A: Storm Windows Over Insulated Glass

Q: Is there any advantage to installing storm windows over low-e, gas-filled windows? Read more

Q&A: Protecting Exterior Foundation Insulation Q&A: Protecting Exterior Foundation Insulation

Q: What is the best way to protect exterior foundation foam insulation where it projects above grade? Read more

Q&A: Cedar Siding Over Foam Insulation

Q: We have recently completed a residing job in which we installed cedar clapboards over 1-inch foil-faced foam. The clapboards have since cracked on all sides of the building, both at the ends and along the length of the clapboards. How can this be prevented in the future? Read more

Business Forum: Boost Business With Seminars

Sponsoring seminars to promote business Read more

Builder's Library

Energy Resource Read more

Kitchen & Bath
For What It's Worth

Inflatable Zone Dampers Read more

Toolbox: A Tool Vest for the Trade

Innovative Swedish tool vest Read more

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