December 1992 Table of Contents

The Cadillac of Filing Systems

This thorough approach to office organization will help you manage your paperwork, keep an eye on costs, and ultimately run a more profitable business. Read more

A Compact Job-Site Shop

Why waste time running back to the shop when you can do precise millwork on site? A kitchen remodeler describes the setups that work for him. Read more

Epoxy Concrete Repair

For repairing concrete foundation cracks, you can’t beat epoxy for a strong, permanent bond. Here’s how to select the right materials and install them properly. Read more

Finish Nailers: Hands-On Review

A remodeler puts a selection of finish nailers to the test at the job site and reports on the results. Read more

Safe Wiring With GFCIs

This builder’s common sense system for shop-built wall systems dramatically increases efficiency and lowers costs. Read more

Q & A
Q&A: Tying Into Concrete Block Q&A: Tying Into Concrete Block

Q: What is the best way to tie a new block addition into an existing block building? Read more

Q&A: Unvented Roof Problems Q&A: Unvented Roof Problems

Q: We have been asked to bid on a home in upstate New York that has a "hot roof." Are moisture problems likely in this unvented roof assembly? Read more

Builder's Library

Two References For Renovators Read more

For What It's Worth

Custom Tilt-and-Swing Read more

Toolbox: Calculator as Framing Tool

Improved job-site calculator Read more

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