January 1992 Table of Contents

Ceramic Tile Troubleshooting

The most common tile callbacks and how to avoid them. Read more

Electrical Handbook for Remodelers

A master electrician tells what you need to know to avoid safety violations and cost overruns. Read more

The Nuts & Bolts of Timber Framing

Two entrepreneurs brought timber framing into the 20th century with this simple engineered joinery system. Read more

Quick Bids for Small Jobs

How to accurately estimate small jobs over the phone using a special policy and price book. Read more

Why I Keep My Own Books

A remodeling contractor tells why he bucked conventional wisdom and decided to crunch his own numbers. Read more

Working hard for your employees

In the tough, competitive southwest market, this framing contractor thrives by maintaining a motivated work force. Read more

Q & A
Q&A: Cutting & Patching Asbestos Siding

Q: Occasionally, we run across asbestos shingles. We sometimes have to cut the material for a door or window opening. What precautions need to be taken when cutting through this material? What is the best way to dispose of a few shingles? Is this material still available for repairs? Read more

Q&A: Builders’ Business Forms

Q: Where can I buy building contract forms — cost estimate, weekly invoices, contract and subcontract agreements, etc.? Read more

Q&A: Best Roofing Material Under Roof-Top Deck

Q: We often encounter flat roofs with decks over them. What roofing material makes the most sense for this? Read more

Q&A: Sealing Cedar in Closets

Q: Does T&G cedar paneling for closets need to be sealed? If so, what should I use? Read more

Builder's Library

Trading Your Tool Bag for a Briefcase Read more

For What It's Worth

Trackless Shower Doors Read more

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