July 1992 Table of Contents

Blueprint Reading Tips

Construction drawings are often tricky to interpret. Here’s how to make sure nothing is overlooked. Read more

Elevating the Ranch

Adding a second story to a ranch requires good design skills and a fast-working crew. Here’s how to make this kind of work go smoothly. Read more

Mediation: Peaceful Solutions to Client Disputes

Two mediation specialists discuss the fastest, cheapest, most painless way to resolve building disputes: talking it out. Read more

Pouring Successful Slabs

A concrete contractor shares tips for producing high-quality basement and garage slabs. Read more

Retail Rehab

Commercial clients want the work done fast and with minimal disruption. A retail manager-turned-contractor tells how he keeps the schedule moving and the clients happy. Read more

A Team Approach to Design/Build

Traditional construction contracts tend to pit architect against builder. But many builders and architects are trying new ways of working together, with superior results for the client. Read more

Q & A
Q&A: Preserving Seaside Shakes

Q: What is the best finish for the cedar shakes on a coastal home that is exposed to strong sun and lots of fine salt spray? Should the finish be sprayed, dipped, or brushed for best results? Read more

Q&A: Painting Asphalt Shingles

Q: Our clients are unhappy with the color of their roof now that the house has been painted. The asphalt shingles are less than two years old and are in very good condition. Is there any way to change the color of the shingles without replacing them? Read more

Q&A: Exhaust Ventilation in the Attic

Q: Why should the small amount of moisture from a bath fan be a problem in a large, well-ventilated attic? I find bath fans vented into the attic more often than I find wall or roof caps, and, in most cases, there is no problem. Read more

Builder's Library

The Word on Warranties Read more

Kitchen & Bath
For What It's Worth

Storage in the Round Read more

Toolbox: A Floor Installer's Secret

Flush-cutting circular saw Read more

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