March 1992 Table of Contents

Dry Wall Trim: Beyond Cornerbead

Fancy drywall details are simplified by a host of new specialty trims and treatments. Read more

Innovations in Hydronic Heating

A look at how new systems developed in Europe can provide flexible zoning and top heating performance. Read more

Interview: Growth Without the Pain

We talk with remodeler Kelley Hale on how he used the art of delegation to guide his company through a rapid growth spurt. Read more

Laying the Groundwork: Tips From an Excavator

An excavation contractor tells what to look for in a quality excavation job. Read more

One-Step Stem Wall Foundations

You can form and pour your own stem wall foundation using this contractor’s approach. Read more

Two-Car Garage Shop

With the right plan, you can create a good wood shop in a small space. A veteran cabinetmaker tells you how. Read more

Q & A
Q&A: Finish For Weathered Siding

Q: I have been told that the oils in a penetrating oil-base stain will improve old, dry clapboards. Is this true, or would it be better to seal the weather checks with a high-quality oil-based or latex paint? Read more

Q&A: Sealing Exterior Chimney to Framing Q&A: Sealing Exterior Chimney to Framing

Q: For a brick fireplace and chimney on a gable end wall, how should the joint between the framing and the brick be sealed? Can a thermal break be included in the masonry to stop heat loss? Read more

Q&A: Lifetime of Hot-Mopped Roof

Q: What is the life expectancy of hot-mopped asphalt on a flat roof? Will aluminum paint extend the life of the roof? If so, how often should the roof be recoated with the paint? Read more

For What It's Worth

Water-Saving Flapper Read more

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