December 1993 Table of Contents

Detail: Stealing Space From a Truss Roof

A remodeler describes how he used engineered lumber and steel plates to turn wasted attic space into a walk-in closet. Read more

K&B Remodeling: On Budget On Time

This methodical approach, by a kitchen and bath remodeler, can help you avoid costly estimating and scheduling oversights. Read more

Foam Foundation Forms

Field reports show that this increasingly popular forming technique can work well if you take the time to learn the tricks. Read more

Shopping for Kitchen Cabinets

Does more money always buy a better cabinet? A retailer tells how to scrutinize a cabinet for construction features and details. Read more

Roughing-In for Kitchens and Baths

Here’s a prescription for installing k&b fixtures and appliances with minimal trouble, by a remodeling foreman. Read more

Trailers on the Job Site

How one contractor uses customized trailers as a tool for streamlining his business. Read more

Q&A: Joist Spacing for Ceiling Drywall

Q: What is the maximum joist spacing for ceiling drywall? Does it matter if the panels are oriented parallel or perpendicular to the joists? Read more

Q&A: Termites Love Oak Floors

Q: We are repairing an oak strip floor. Several boards obviously need to be replaced because of visible termite damage. Is there some way to evaluate the unseen damage to the rest of the floor? Read more

Q&A: Shimming Foundation to Leveled Floor

Q: We are working on an old house that has settled. The house must be jacked up so the floor can be leveled. But this will leave gaps between the joists and sill plates, or between the sill plates and the foundation. Should we raise the sill plates to the joists and shim between the sill and the foundation, or is it necessary to raise the foundation by grouting some kind of extension in place? Read more

Q&A: Ghost Lines on Siding

Q: There are ghost lines of the wall studs on siding that is coated with a semi-transparent stain. What might be causing this? Read more

Q&A: Installing Metal Roofs

Q: Do you nail metal roof panels through the ridges or in the flats? Read more

Q&A: Sealing Exterior Wood Doors

Q: I’m sealing an exterior wood door. What is the best finish to use? Read more

Q&A: Should Deck Posts Go in Ground?

Q: Can 6x6 pressure-treated deck posts be sunk into the ground or should they be supported on concrete piers? Read more

For What It's Worth

"The Journal's pick of curious, interesting, and useful products" Read more

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