June 1993 Table of Contents

Building Porches That Last

A contractor who works in a damp coastal climate describes the details he uses for building durable decks and porches. Read more

Is This Chimney Safe?

Every remodeler will eventually be asked, “Can you hook the new furnace to this old chimney?” Here’s the information you need to give the correct answer. Read more

Pop-Up Downdraft Vents

This newest option in cooktop exhaust fans disappears into the countertop when not in use and provides venting where an overhead hood is not practical. Read more

Stucco Patches

A stucco specialist tells what it takes to make a repair that’s both durable and well-hidden. Read more

Troubleshooting Wood Siding

Errors in selection, installation, or finishing can spell ruin for wood siding. A wood products field representative tells how to avoid the most common mistakes. Read more

Kitchen & Bath
For What It's Worth

"The Journal's pick of curious, interesting, and useful products" Read more

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