March 1993 Table of Contents

Accessibility on a Shoe String

A builder demonstrates how to improve handicapped access to an ordinary home without spending a fortune or compromising the design. Read more

Curing Concrete

Contractors often have to pour concrete in less than ideal weather. An engineer tells you how to ensure good results even under poor conditions. Read more

Detail: A Barrel-Vault Ceiling

How to build a nonstructural vault using stock materials and simple techniques. Read more

Follow-Up Visits Win Referrals

A remodeling contractor describes the follow-up service program he uses to keep customers happy and keep referrals coming in. Read more

Hillside Foundations Part One

A West Coast foundation contractor tells how to read site plans, soils reports, and structural plans in bidding a complex steep-site foundation. Read more

Schools For Contractors

To sharpen your business skills, a variety of educational programs are available. Here’s how to select the right one for you. Read more

Q&A: Wood Flooring Over Radiant Slabs

Q: What is the best type of wood flooring to install over a radiant slab? Read more

Q&A: Fiberglass vs. Organic Shingles

Q: What is the difference between organic and fiberglass shingles? Read more

Q&A: Insulating Old Plaster Walls

Q: What is the best way to insulate and vapor-proof an existing plaster wall without demolishing the surface? Read more

Kitchen & Bath
For What It's Worth

"The Journal's pick of curious, interesting, and useful products" Read more

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