November 1993 Table of Contents

Eco-Friendly Building Products

We review some practical products and materials that carry the green label. Read more

A Guide to Green Building Resources

Here’s a resource library for builders who want to build green but don’t know where to start. Read more

The Lowdown on Low-Flow Toilets

Ready or not, a federal law that kicks in next January will make low-consumption toilets mandatory in all new residential construction. Read more

Making Job-Site Recycling Work

A Northwest builder tells how sorting and recycling construction waste has cleaned up his job sites, reduced his disposal costs, and bolstered his image. Read more

Protecting Trees During Site Work JLC Classic Protecting Trees During Site Work

With existing trees on a new lot, it’s what you can’t see that counts most — the roots. Here are the keys to preventing damage. Read more

Retrofit Weatherstripping with Silicone Bead

Silicone bead is the best choice for weatherstripping existing doors. Now, new specialty tools make it a cinch to install. Read more

Building Two-Story Window Walls

A structural engineer offers some practical guidelines for building tall window walls that are strong enough for the job. Read more


GUEST EDITORIAL: Green Building vs. Green Hype Read more

Q&A: Dehumidifying the Air

Q: Can a dehumidifier be added to a forced-air system? If so, what should a contractor know about specifying this? Read more

Q&A: Squeakless Floors

Q: How can I avoid floor squeaks with a wood joist system? Read more

Q&A: Flashing a Stucco Chimney Q&A: Flashing a Stucco Chimney

Q: What is the best way to flash around a wood-frame-and-stucco chimney for asphalt shingle roofs? Read more

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