April 1994 Table of Contents

Exterior Wood Trim That Lasts Exterior Wood Trim That Lasts

Exterior trim should last as long as the rest of the house. A finish carpenter describes the construction details and finishing tips he uses to make that happen. Read more

On the Beach -- Coastal Construction

A Delaware contractor tells how to build houses on wood pilings that resist the rigors of coastal weather from storm tides to gale force winds. Read more

How To Use Span Tables

Span tables simplify the task of sizing joists and rafters, and give you flexibility in choosing the right wood species. Here’s how to run the numbers. Read more

Layout for Fast Framing

A western production framer walks through the tools and techniques he uses to quickly and accurately lay out walls for fast assembly. Read more

Photographing Your Work

Good photographs can help put your craftsmanship in the best light. A builder describes the equipment and techniques he uses to capture his work on film. Read more

Unit-Price Estimating

Stick-by-stick estimating takes forever, but quick square-foot takeoffs are not accurate. Somewhere in between lies unit-price estimating. Here’s a step-by-step guide to designing and using your own unit-price system. Read more


Felt makes wrong-side vapor barrier Read more

Eight-Penny News

L.A. quake site report, radon risks unclear Read more

Q&A: The R-Value of Compressed Batts

Q: I have heard that the R-value of fiberglass insulation drops when it’s compressed. But now insulation manufacturers are offering higher-density batts with higher R-values. What’s going on here? Read more

Q&A: Cure for Wet Basement Q&A: Cure for Wet Basement

Q: We are working on a house with water in the basement. The homeowner got a bid from a specialty contractor for a comprehensive dewatering system that includes injecting a coating around the outside (without digging up the soil) and cutting the slab to install an interior perimeter drain connected to a sump pump. Wouldn’t it be easier and cheaper to solve the problem from the exterior? Read more

Q&A: Water-Based Urethane for Floors

Q: Please comment on the durability of water-based polyurethanes for wood floors. Will these products hold up in heavy traffic areas as well as the solvent-based products? Read more

Legal Column: Corporations Protect Personal Assets

How incorporation can protect your assets Read more

State-of-the-Art Contractor: Simple Scheduling

FastTrack: a simple scheduler for builders Read more

Focus On Energy: Blower Door Basics

Testing for tightness with blower doors Read more

Kitchen & Bath
For What It's Worth

Wider drywall, tough job light Read more

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