August 1994 Table of Contents

Are Your Houses Too Tight?

Tight construction is now standard practice, and though it makes the house more energy-efficient, it can create serious indoor air quality problems. Three energy specialists team up to explain how to test for tightness and improve ventilation. Read more

Job-Site Report -- Working with Trex Lumber

What’s it like to work with the plastic-based decking products that have recently hit the market? A builder tells the story of his first time out with one of the more promising materials. Read more

Protecting Wood Roofs From Fire

A wood products expert examines the effectiveness of fire-retardant treatments for both new and existing wood roofing. Read more

Remodeler's Guide to Building Skylight Wells

Skylight installations — especially those with splayed shafts — can challenge all of a remodeler’s skills. A California carpenter leads us step-by-step through layout, framing, and finish. Read more

Water in the Walls - Three Case Studies

Whether it comes from green framing lumber or household sources, moisture trapped in wall cavities can cause major headaches. These real-life cases illustrate the expensive consequences of failing to get water out of the walls. Read more

Wet-Spray Cellulose Insulation

At first glance, paying more for insulation that puts moisture in the walls may not make much sense. But with the right installer, wet-spray cellulose provides outstanding results. Here’s an on-site look at how it works. Read more


Readers drive home points on nail strength, foam form bracing Read more

Eight-Penny News

L.A. quake leaves plywood sheathing looking good, material shortages slow building upswing, wash and dry laundry with the same machine Read more

Q&A: Flashing Tile Roofs Q&A: Flashing Tile Roofs

Q: What’s the best way to flash a skylight on a mission tile roof? Read more

Q&A: Is Rusty Rebar OK?

Q: All of the foundation specs we build on require rebar to be free of rust and mill scale. For years this hasn’t been an issue, until recently when a project manager called us on it. All we can think to do is wire brush the entire lot of rebar. Is this really necessary? Read more

Business Forum: Ten Steps to a Loan

A banker’s advice on getting a business loan Read more

Legal Column: Are You Building "Consumer Products?"

Protecting against “consumer product” suits Read more

Kitchen & Bath
Kitchen & Bath: Working with Cultured Marble

Cultured marble polishes its image Read more

For What It's Worth

Basement insulation leaves room for drywall furring strips, ladder support for exterior corners Read more

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