December 1994 Table of Contents

Custom Tub & Shower Enclosures

Clear glass enclosures make bathrooms look larger and show off the fancy tile work in the shower. Here’s a look at what’s available in mid-priced to high-end units. Read more

Finish Carpentry Quality Standards Finish Carpentry Quality Standards

More and more architects and designers are using AWI standards in their specs. A custom builder explains how he uses these published standards to consistently produce high-quality woodwork. Read more

Ground-Source Heat Pumps

Capturing the earth’s energy with underground heat-exchange loops can cut heating and cooling costs — if it’s done right. An hvac contractor tells what he’s learned from 15 years of installing geothermal heat pumps. Read more

Heating With Sealed Combustion

In a tight house, kitchen and bath exhaust fans can interfere with the natural draft of chimney-vented heating equipment. An energy expert explains how power vents and combustion air supply ducts can solve the problem. Read more

Shopping for Home Security Systems

Demand for electronic security is on the rise. Here’s how to sort through the many options, and tips on choosing a security installer. Read more


Laying subfloor correctly, receptacle wiring Read more

Eight-Penny News

EPA’s radon assessment questioned, federal “dig-safe” law likely, liquid sand and gravel Read more

Q&A: Insulated Wood Floor Over Concrete Q&A: Insulated Wood Floor Over Concrete

Q: We are looking for a detail for laying a wood floor over a previously uninsulated slab. What’s the best way to go about this? Read more

Q&A: Health Effects of Foam

Q: We typically build energy-efficient houses with 1-inch foil-faced polyisocyanurate foam on the interior of our walls. But more than one customer has questioned us about the potential health effects of the foam. Their concerns seem to stem from the outgasing of chemicals, more than the potential for the foam to burn. Are such concerns founded? What possible chemical hazards are present, and is there any evidence that these chemicals outgas at any substantial levels? Read more

Q&A: Protecting Floors During Remodeling

Q: In our remodeling business, we often demolish plaster and drywall in old homes, and find that the dust and fine abrasives work through just about everything we put down on the floor. What method do you recommend for protecting floors? Also, do you have any recommendations for a shop vac that works for drywall dust? Read more

Q&A: Plywood & Glue in Built-Up Headers

Q: How much strength does plywood and construction adhesive add to the strength of a built-up header? Read more

State-of-the-Art Contractor: Free-Form Notes

Quick and easy notetaking software Read more

Practical Engineering: Attaching Rail Posts

Strong railing post attachments Read more

Builder's Library

Residential hvac primer, field guide to house styles Read more

For What It's Worth

Dump-bed retrofit for pickups, digital deadbolt, no-itch fiberglass batts Read more

Toolbox: New Cordless Saws

Better cordless saws Read more

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