February 1994 Table of Contents

Adding On to Forced Hot Air

Heating an addition may require adding hot air ducts. But does the existing furnace have enough capacity to handle them? Here’s how to find out. Read more

A Bonus System That Works

A contractor explains the system he uses to reward top performers without being unfair to other employees. Read more

Floor Framing with Wood I-Joists

Based on field experience, contractors discuss the pros and cons of this increasingly popular material. Read more

Foolproof Surge Protection

This surge protection system, developed by a master electrician, protects submersible pumps and electronic appliances in heavy lightning areas. Read more

Rating OSB Performance

Though it’s viewed with suspicion by some builders, oriented strand board performs as well as plywood when selected and installed correctly. Read more

Trimming a Curved Balcony

Custom moldings, stock stair parts, and a simple site-built steam box were the ingredients of this masterful finish job. Read more

Q&A: Protecting Insulated Foundations From Termites Q&A: Protecting Insulated Foundations From Termites

Q: We have termites in a timber-frame house whose slab-on-grade foundation is insulated with rigid foam (Illustration A). I understand that some exterminators will not guarantee treatments on homes with exterior foundation insulation. What is the best way to detail a foundation to help keep termites out? Read more

Q&A: Best Materials for Poolside Deck Q&A: Best Materials for Poolside Deck

Q: What is the best decking material to use around pools? We have used CCA-treated southern pine, but this splinters within five years. We have also looked into plastic decking and commercial roof-top membranes. Both would put us over budget. Read more

Practical Engineering: Holding It Together

Evaluating the strength of nails Read more

For What It's Worth

"The Journal's pick of curious, interesting, and useful products" Read more

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