July 1994 Table of Contents

Antiscald Protection for Showers

Pressure-balancing valves are the most common way to meet antiscald requirements for showers. A master plumber tells how they work and gives tips for installing them. Read more

Innovative Building Products

Manufacturers of plastics and composites are finding ways to replace traditional materials with products that are lighter, stronger, more durable, and less expensive. Here’s a look at what’s new at the lumberyard. Read more

Laying Wide Pine Floors

In many parts of the country, softwood is a traditional flooring material. A veteran finish carpenter explains his method for installing wide-board softwood floors. Read more

Post-and-Pier Additions

Not all single-story additions need concrete stemwall foundations. Here’s how one Midwest contractor builds post-and-pier foundations from concrete and treated wood. Read more

Rebar Tips

Steel reinforcing bar is essential for strong concrete. A foundation contractor explains the fine points of proper sizing, handling, and placement of rebar. Read more

Writing Your Own Warranty

Homeowners can be fussy about minor defects that appear during their first year in a new home. Here’s how one company solved the problem by adding quality standards to their warranty. Read more


Another tale of FRT truss failure, lightning rods attract debate Read more

Eight-Penny News

Eastern s-p-f lumber expands its market, hearing protection on the job site, smart electric panel helps control costs, appliance specs by fax Read more

Q&A: Shingle Siding Layout Q&A: Shingle Siding Layout

Q: How do you lay out shingle siding so the courses break evenly above and below windows? And what’s the best way to secure the row of shingles below a window so the nails aren’t exposed? Read more

Holes in Foundation Drain Pipe: Up or Down? Holes in Foundation Drain Pipe: Up or Down?

Do you agree with one contractor's argument for installing perforated drain pipe with the holes facing down rather than up? Read more

Business Forum: Getting Paid For Changes

Use the right contract language for change orders to make sure you get paid Read more

Legal Column: To Cash or Not To Cash?

If an owner offers only part of what he owes as the final payment, should you cash the check? Read more

State-of-the-Art Contractor: A Quantum Leap in Estimating

A new Windows program puts the estimate and database on screen together Read more

Practical Engineering: Preventing Frost Heaves

Now is the time to start thinking about how to prevent frost heaves next winter Read more

Kitchen & Bath
Kitchen & Bath: A Challenging Kitchen Remodel

This custom kitchen remodel expands space and increases usefulness without adding square feet Read more

Toolbox: Hot-Melt Glue Gun

A hot-melt glue gun is a versatile tool for remodelers Read more

Backfill: A Narrow Victory

This 10-foot-wide house barely fit its narrow lot. But the local code officials approved it — and so did the owners. Read more

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