March 1994 Table of Contents

Fast Forming for Stepped Footings

A builder describes shortcuts he developed to simplify and speed up the forming of stepped footings. Read more

Heat-Recovery Ventilators

HRVs are still a mystery to many builders. A veteran installer describes how to select and install premium ventilation systems in tightly built homes. Read more

Reviving the Rumford

A mason explains what makes the Rumford such an efficient fireplace and tells how to build one. Read more

Simple Specs for Small Jobs

Writing a good set of specs is just as important as drawing the plans. Here’s how to organize your specs and what to include in them. Read more

Soil Compaction Basics

A soils engineer explains the tests and techniques used to achieve good compaction every time. Read more

Truss Bracing Tips

This layout and bracing method, developed on the job, can make roof truss installation go more smoothly. Read more

Q&A: Combining Radiant and Baseboard Heat Q&A: Combining Radiant and Baseboard Heat

Q: I have a hot-water system feeding high-temperature baseboard heaters and a low-temperature radiant slab. How should the system be set up to accommodate these separate zones? Read more

For What It's Worth

"The Journal's pick of curious, interesting, and useful products" Read more

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