May 1994 Table of Contents

A Billing System for Builders

Cash flow makes or breaks any business. But when you’re running more than one job at a time, keeping track of who owes how much can be complicated. Use this simple billing system to get what you’ve got coming. Read more

Fastening Newel Posts

To meet code, stair railings need sturdy newel posts. A finish carpenter gives tips on anchoring both solid and hollow newels. Read more

Solid Surface Countertops

If you are a good finish carpenter, chances are you have the tools and skills needed to make and install solid surface counters. Here are step-by-step instructions by a remodeler who does all the work right on site. Read more

Leakproof Details for Shallow Roofs

Conventional steep-slope roofing materials can be made watertight even on low slopes. Here are some details and techniques that work. Read more

Straight Talk About Hip and Valley Rafters

If they’re too small or poorly supported, hip and valley rafters can sag and slip. An engineer walks through the details of proper sizing and support. Read more

Sub-slab Vapor Barriers

A slab poured directly on top of a vapor barrier dries more quickly on top than on the bottom, causing cracking and curling in the concrete. Here’s one way to solve the problem. Read more


Keeping up with OSHA regs, blood lead levels clarified, nail strength, OSB Read more

Eight-Penny News

Worker deaths in Denver spawn new approach to safety, new sick building study, structural brick makes a comeback Read more

Q&A: Removing Vinyl Flooring

Q: What’s the best way to remove old vinyl flooring and its adhesive? Read more

Business Forum: Employee Policy Manual

Employee handbook spells out company policies Read more

Legal Column: Don't Ignore OSHA Paperwork

OSHA paperwork: A necessary evil Read more

State-of-the-Art Contractor: Putting Windows to Work

Memory and file management with Windows Read more

Practical Engineering: Interlocking Block Retaining Walls

Interlocking masonry blocks combine with plastic geogrids to make strong, attractive retaining walls Read more

Focus On Energy: Choosing a Furnace Filter

Furnace filters are not all alike Read more

For What It's Worth

Cement block spacers, nontoxic treated wood, convertible basement window Read more

Toolbox: Latest Trends in Circular Saws

Improved sidewinder saw from Porter-Cable is lighter, intelligently designed Read more

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