November 1994 Table of Contents

How to Manage More Than one Job

A veteran production manager describes the systems he’s developed to delegate authority, organize the paperwork, and keep the lines of communication open. Read more

Fireplace Hearth Details

A mason lays out the basics of hearth construction, from code compliance to placing the concrete. Read more

Ten Common Floor-Planning Pitfalls

More than any other factor, room layout affects how well a house works for the homeowners. A successful designer points out common layout errors and provides solutions that work. Read more

Guide to Galvanized Nails

Ever seen a high-priced siding job ruined by rust stains? This overview of zinc nail coatings can help keep your exteriors looking great. Read more

Sanding and Refinishing Wood Floors

Freshly-sanded hardwood floors put the finishing touch on many remodeling projects. A hardwood flooring expert describes the tools and techniques that produce the best results. Read more


Lumber grading rules, on learning CAD, backdrafting in tight houses Read more

Eight-Penny News

Cedar shingle quality in question, tax break for affordable construction, home office deductions Read more

Legal Column: Surprise -- It's an OSHA Inspection

When the OSHA inspector comes calling Read more

Focus On Energy: New Heat Pump Makes More Hot Water

Dual-coil heat pump saves on hot water Read more

Kitchen & Bath
For What It's Worth

Fiberglass bulkhead, job-site camera, ceramic-coated roof tiles Read more

Toolbox: Triangle Detail Sanders

Triangle sanders for detail work Read more

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