October 1994 Table of Contents

A Small Builder's Guide to Accounting

Here’s a painless introduction to the sometimes bewildering world of debits, credits, and double-entry accounting. Read more

Building Doghouse Dormers

Adding small dormers is a classic remodeling job. With the right techniques, a two-man crew can frame, sheathe, and close in a dormer in one day. Read more

Laying Wood Floors Over Concrete Slabs

Wood flooring can “warm up” a cold concrete slab — but moisture is an ever-present concern. A leading flooring expert shows how his system of vapor barriers and a floating plywood subfloor produces a perfect job every time. Read more

Common Plumbing Service Calls Common Plumbing Service Calls

The twelve most common residential plumbing problems, and how a master plumber fixes them. Read more

Tools for Tight Spots

Remodelers constantly get into tight situations where run-of-the-mill tools just don’t fit. Here’s a collection of tools that can save you hours of frustration when working in close quarters. Read more

Working With Tile Backerboard

As a substrate for tile, cement-based backerboards have become the leading choice over moisture-resistant drywall and mortar systems. We sort through the options and give tips for a problem-free installation. Read more


Drainage details, valley rafters, home inspectors disagree on ethics Read more

Eight-Penny News

Non-toxic treated wood, phone-in comp claims save money, more termite bashing Read more

Q&A: A Clear Finish For Wood Siding

Q: What type of clear finish do you recommend for exterior siding? Read more

Q&A: Cutting Concrete

Q: What’s the best way to cut through a concrete wall? A concrete saw won’t cut all the way through an 8-inch foundation wall. We’ve even tried suspending a jackhammer from the floor joists, but this is awkward at best and leaves a ragged edge. Read more

Business Forum: Measuring Success

Use profit, not volume, to measure success Read more

The Legal Column: After-Hours Drinking Brews Trouble

When contractors are liable for employees’ off-site behavior Read more

State-of-the-Art Contractor: How Suite It Is

Software suites: many programs working as one Read more

Kitchen & Bath
Kitchen & Bath: What's New in Cooktops

New cooktop technologies offer greater control Read more

For What It's Worth

Adjustable steel jambs, three-in-one roof panels, reversible kitchen sink, flexible moldings Read more

Backfilling Basics

Careless backfilling can cause cracked and bowed walls, unsightly settlement, and basement leaks. Here’s how to avoid costly repairs and do the job right. Read more

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