September 1994 Table of Contents

A Guide to Construction Adhesives

Does subfloor adhesive strengthen the floor system, or just prevent squeaks? Can you get a permanent bond between dissimilar materials? A wood products expert explains how elastomeric mastics work, and helps you choose the best one for the job. Read more

Business: Pre-Qualify Your Customers

Prequalify customers to avoid wasted effort Read more

Half Height Basement Walls

"Buildings on sloped sites often have stepped foundation walls with short framed walls on top. Though they are inherently weaker than full-height walls, you can avoid problems with stepped basement half-walls by limiting their height, using good connectio Read more

Inside Kitchen Cabinets -- Cup Hinges and Drawer Slides

Concealed hinges and full-extension drawer slides have advantages over other types of cabinet hardware. Ease of installation, adjustability, and smooth operation are some of the features that make European-style hardware the best choice for most projects. Read more

Installing Jetted Tubs

Jetted tubs require careful framing, easy access to the pumps and motors, and a mortar bed to dampen vibration. This step-by-step installation guide by a veteran remodeler shows you how to do it right. Read more

Preparing for Lean Times

Your chances of surviving a construction slowdown are better if you're not going it alone. A California contractor explains how long-term business relationships have helped his company pull through. Read more

The 31 Rules of Kitchen Design

When designing a kitchen, the biggest challenge is finding the right arrangement for appliances, cabinets, and work surfaces. These design guidelines from the National Kitchen & Bath Association will help you create kitchen layouts that work. Read more


Controlling city water pressure, fast framer balances speed with technique Read more

Eight-Penny News

Latex paint lasts longer than oil, feds add fiberglass to list of suspected carcinogens, how wall framing reduces R-value Read more

Tracing 3-Wire Circuits Tracing 3-Wire Circuits

While using 10/3 NM cable to power multiple 110-volt circuits isn't necessarily wrong, there are potential problems with this wiring method. Read more

Q&A: Preventing Stucco Cracks

Q: We often get conflicting information from subs about certain stucco details. Specifically, what’s the best way to avoid cracking? Must the scratch coat cure for 48 hours before applying the brown coat, or can the brown coat go on the same day? How long should the scratch coat cure before the color coat? Also, does one type of lath perform better than another? Read more

Legal: Protecting Lien Rights

Subcontractor lien rights can't be waived by a GC Read more

State of the Art Contractor: Means to an End

Construction cost database works with your spreadsheet Read more

Focus on Energy: Financing Energy Efficient Homes

Mortgages for energy-efficient houses Read more

Builder's Library: Estimating by the Book

Estimating tables, builder's math Read more

For What It's Worth

Zero-clearance chimney, fire-proof caulk, pre-cut membrane flashing for skylights Read more

Toolbox: Steady Saw Stand

Compact miter-saw table for framing and finish work Read more

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