December 1995 Table of Contents

Duct Design Basics

Budget, climate, and construction details all influence duct design for heating and air conditioning. An hvac engineer explains how to choose a layout that guarantees client comfort. Read more

Making Walls Watertight

Siding sheds water, but it’s not waterproof. A wood construction expert warns against leaks caused by sloppy housewrap and flashing details, and shows how to do it right. Read more

On Site With Parallam

For long spans and heavy loads, parallel strand lumber is a good substitute for steel. The beams are dimensionally stable, come in a variety of standard sizes, and can be worked with ordinary carpentry tools. Read more

Plug-In Electrical Testers Plug-In Electrical Testers

Using an inexpensive tester, you can troubleshoot a miswired receptacle without even removing the cover plate. Read more

Step by Step With Foam Forms

Foam concrete forms are gaining popularity, both below and above grade. Three builders describe how to assemble three different systems: stackable blocks, large-core molds, and sheet forms. Read more


Whole-house ventilation, steel framing considered Read more

Eight-Penny News

Certified eco-friendly lumber, multifamily tax shelter threatened, CAD services, year-end tax checklist Read more

Q&A: Painting PT Decking

Q: Some of my customers want their pressure-treated decks painted, but I’ve had trouble getting paint to adhere well to pressure-treated wood. What’s the solution? Read more

Q&A: Chimney Flashing for Metal Roofs Q&A: Chimney Flashing for Metal Roofs

Q: I have to flash a chimney where it penetrates a corrugated metal roof with ridges 8 inches o.c. What’s the solution? Read more

Q&A: Exterior Foam and Moisture Problems

Q: If I use foam insulation board on the exterior of a wood-framed building, will it cause condensation within the walls? Read more

Kitchen & Bath
Kitchen & Bath: Top Treatments for Cabinets

Top treatments for wall cabinets Read more

For What It's Worth

Thermostatic crawlspace vent, new fiberglass-mat roofing paper, fold-up hearing protectors Read more

Toolbox: Tools With an Impact

Electric impact wrenches Read more

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