May 1995 Table of Contents

Adding Ventilation to Forced-Air Heat

Mechanical ventilation doesn’t have to be expensive and complicated. This simple system has dried up moisture problems for one builder. Read more

Flashing the Tough Spots

If you’re still using roll aluminum for all of your flashing, you may be inviting leaks and premature failure. Here’s an overview of the materials, techniques, and details that will make flashing last the life of the structure. Read more

Framing a Complex Gambrel

A large roof full of intersections, dormers, and fancy rake and cornice work can be complicated enough to build. Throw in curved roof planes and you’ve got a real head-scratcher. Here’s how one builder used full-scale drawings to work out the details. Read more

Kitchen Design Solutions: Before and After

When other designers say it can’t be done, take a closer look. By listening carefully to your client’s needs, you can turn impractical floor plans into efficient working kitchens. Read more

Planning for Growth

Sweet success can turn sour when it leads to a sudden jump in your work load. A remodeler explains how he uses his company’s sales history to predict annual volume and get a jump on the competition. Read more

Tools of the Home Inspector

Whether you’re a home inspector or a remodeler, these specialty tools can help you diagnose problems hidden behind walls and under floors. Read more


Safe wiring practices, mechanical ventilation resource, computer jargon complaint Read more

Eight-Penny News

Standardizing wood I-joists, group rates for workers comp, R-75-per-inch insulation panel, CO detectors send false alarms Read more

Q&A: Roof Venting Basics

Q: Here in the West, we often build with exposed rafter tails. For attic roof vents, we typically drill three 1 1/2-inch holes through every other soffit block, and install ridge vents. Is this enough ventilation? Read more

Q&A: Safer Treated Wood

Q: Clients have been asking us about ACQ, a new pressure-treated wood that is supposed to be "nontoxic." Does this product pose fewer hazards than CCA lumber? How does the new product perform? Read more

Computers: Struck by "Litning" Computers: Struck by "Litning"

Integrated estimating and bookkeeping Read more

Focus on Energy: Wall Details for Cooling Climates

An insulated wall for cooling climates Read more

Kitchen & Bath
For What It's Worth

New trimmable floor truss, backsplash clip, retrofit flashing for vent pipes Read more

Toolbox: Dustless Drywall Sander

Dust-free drywall sander Read more

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