July 1996 Table of Contents

Avoiding Foundation Failures

After researching more than $50 million in claims, a site investigator has compiled this list of the most costly foundation problems, along with the techniques used to prevent them. Read more

Evolution and Revolution: Three Stages of Growth for Construction Companies

Businesses, like people, grow in predictable ways. A consultant draws on her experience with construction companies of all sizes to explain the critical skills — and pitfalls — at each stage along the way. Read more

Fine-Tuning Entry Door Locksets

A sticky front door knob is often the item at the top of the punchlist. But this common problem can be eliminated at installation if you understand how locksets work. Here are the tricks one builder uses to get it right the first time. Read more

Flat Roof Framing Options

Even “flat” roofs need some pitch to ensure proper drainage. A California production framer describes the techniques he uses to quickly create slopes on flat roof decks of any size. Read more

Maintaining Your Tools

Tool maintenance isn’t rocket science, but you have to know what you’re doing. When performed regularly, these simple procedures will extend the life of your electric, cordless, and pneumatic tools. Read more


Liquidated damages clarified, hardboard defended Read more

Eight-Penny News

U.S. Gypsum removes barrier EIFS from market, Big Apple plagued by exploding toilets, electrocution by crane, low-odor paints Read more

Q&A: Wood Trim with Stucco Q&A: Wood Trim with Stucco

Q: We will soon be building a stuccoed Tudor-style home. Standard practice in our area is to fasten the wood trim directly to the sheathing, then apply a three-coat stucco to the areas formed by the applied trim. How can the trim-stucco joint be detailed to prevent water infiltration? Read more

Best Strategy for Siding and Trim Nails? Best Strategy for Siding and Trim Nails?

A professional painter weighs in when to leave nails flush, when to set them, and how to fill the holes. Read more

Business Forum: The Dirty Dozen

Business practices to avoid Read more

Kitchen & Bath
New-Technology Tools & Materials

Our pick of new or innovative products to help you produce high-quality jobs on time and on budget. Read more

Toolbox: Portable Table Saw Stands

Portable table saw stands Read more

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