November 1996 Table of Contents

Contracting Without a Crew

Employee-free doesn’t mean hassle free: A solid schedule and good lines of communication are crucial when you sub out the whole job. Read more

Common Electrical Inspection Failures

The last thing a gerneral contractor needs is to have a job put on hold because of a failed electrical inspection. A master electrician shows how to identify the trouble spots before the inspector does. Read more

Hanging And Finishing Drywall

It’s sometimes difficult to schedule a drywall sub for small jobs. This remodeler avoids the problem by estimating, hanging, and finishing his own drywall. Here’s how he does it. Read more

Installing EPDM Rubber Roofs Installing EPDM Rubber Roofs

Half-lap, move over. For leak prone flat and low-slope roofs, it’s difficult to beat the cost and performance of this single-ply rubber roofing. Read more

The Invisible Addition

A sucessful addition looks like it’s always been there. This West Coast designer totally transformed a cramped, post-War tract house without changing the architectural character of the neighborbood. Read more

Solid Surface Update

This premium countertop material continues to be difficult to obtain and install without factory training. A Massachusetts remodeler sorts through the confusing array of products and takes a look at the installer certification process. Read more


Termite barrier tip, innovative fasteners Read more

Eight-Penny News

Plastic laminate flooring, new protections for small businesses, thawing a frozen site Read more

Q&A: Push-In Connections on Receptacles

Q: Many of the receptacles I use have push-in connectors on the back. Does a push-in connection perform as well as the side-mounted screw terminal connection? Read more

Q&A: Joist Sizing Rule of Thumb

Q: Is there a simple way to size floor joists? Read more

Q&A: No-Nails Approach to Aluminum Fascia Q&A: No-Nails Approach to Aluminum Fascia

Q: Last winter, our siding sub installed aluminum fascia in very cold temperatures. When the weather warmed up, the fascia expanded and buckled severely. What’s the proper way to install aluminum fascia to prevent this from happening? Read more

Legal Column: Using Change Orders to Terminate a Contract

Terminating a contract with change orders Read more

Kitchen & Bath
For What It's Worth

Budget panel saw kit, self-adhering plaster patching fabric, rugged roof-stripping tool Read more

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