June 1997 Table of Contents

Controlling Termites

Getting rid of excess moisture around the foundation is key to controlling this pesky insect, but it may not always be enough. Shields and chemical treatments are still important backup measures, according to this nationally recognized entomologist and termite expert. Read more

Detail: Trimming Bifold Doors

Bifold closet doors don’t have to look cheap and flimsy. With a little advanced planning, your bifold doors will match the other doors in the house. Read more

Durable Details for Vinyl Siding Durable Details for Vinyl Siding

Cracking, splitting, and rippling of vinyl siding can usually be traced to poor installation — specifically, not allowing for the material’s inevitable expansion and contraction with changes in temperature. A siding expert tells how to put it up right. Read more

Truck Bed Toolboxes

Nothing gets more abuse than the toolbox in your pickup, so you might as well buy smart the first time. We take a close look at the steel and aluminum boxes on the market today, and make recommendations on construction details to look for. Read more

Installing Hip Roof Trusses

Most builders have installed trusses for gable roofs, but few have used them for a hip roof. A truss roof subcontractor shares tips and techniques — from placing the order to using a crane to fast blocking — gleaned from 18 years of installing hip trusses on both residential and commercial buildings. Read more


OSHA rule on ridgehook ladders, plastic vs. copper plumbing, more on moment frames Read more


Housewrap fares poorly in moisture tests, Denver builders and OSHA team up, CCA-treated wood under attack Read more

Q&A: Thawing a Buried Plastic Waterline Q&A: Thawing a Buried Plastic Waterline

Q: Is there any way to thaw a plastic waterline when it’s buried below frozen ground ? Read more

Q&A: Engineered Lumber Stringers

Q: Can I use laminated veneer lumber for stair carriage material? Since it doesn’t shrink, it seems it would solve many of the problems associated with the shrinkage of sawn lumber stringers. Read more

Q&A: Vinyl Flooring on Slabs

Q: When installing vinyl flooring on a below-grade slab, how do I check for excessive moisture in the slab? Read more

By Design: Making Arches Work

Rules for elegant arches Read more

Strictly Business: Project Management Tools

Tools for taking control of the job Read more

Legal Advisor: Keeping Logbooks Can Stave Off Trouble

Keeping a log can keep you out of trouble Read more

Practical Engineering: A Cure for Bouncy Floors

Stiffen bouncy floors with plywood Read more

Resources: Fixing Up Old Houses

Guide to Victorian renovations, residential window update Read more


Ten-year smoke detector, temporary plastic door latch, quiet attic fan, vinyl railing system Read more

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