May 1997 Table of Contents

Fast, Accurate Trim

A high-quality trim job doesn’t have to take forever. A finish foreman tells how to measure, cut, and install wood trim quickly and without error. Read more

Framing Recessed Ceilings

This vaulted ceiling detail is inexpensive to build, but it looks like a million bucks. Read more

Heard at the Show

Highlights from JLC’s Construction Business & Technology Conference Read more

Long-Lasting Wood Roofs

Where wind-driven rain is common, wood shingle roofs require extra detailing, both to keep moisture out of the house and to allow the shingles to dry. A coastal builder describes the materials and methods that work for her. Read more

Prep Work for Clear Finishes

Clear finishes magnify any imperfections in the wood underneath. For a top-notch job, knowing how to sand, stain, and fill the raw wood is more than half the battle. Read more

Profiting From Insurance Work

Insurance repair jobs usually go to the lowest bidder. But when nature wreaks havoc, the rules change. An upscale remodeler tells how he learned to love insurance work. Read more


Egress window codes, choosing drum traps Read more


Marketing on the Internet, steel doors may present safety hazard, new NAHB performance guidelines, standard remod-eling contract offered Read more

Q&A: Signing Contracts

Q: Do we have to use triplicate forms for contracts and other construction documents, or can we use laser-printed pages and just have the clients sign both copies? Read more

Q&A: Steep Rafter Lengths Q&A: Steep Rafter Lengths

Q: When cutting steep roofs, we often have problems getting the correct rafter lengths. It seems the steeper the roof gets, the lower the rafters hit on the ridge. We have been careful to double-check diagonals and our ridge height, but our first rafter is always too short, and we have to waste time fitting a pattern before proceeding. Why do the rafters need lengthening, and is there some way to calculate for this? Read more

Q&A: Stripping Laminate

Q: I need to remove old Formica from wooden sills in a house we’re restoring. I’ve had limited success using heat guns for this task. Any recommendations? Read more

Q&A: Air-Nailing Backerboard

Q: Can I use a pneumatic nail gun to fasten tile backerboard to floors and walls? Read more

Q&A: Removing Stains from Wood Siding

Q: Is there any way to remove mildew and water stains on redwood and cedar siding? Read more

Practical Engineering: Using Metal Connectors

Making strong attachments with metal connectors Read more

Kitchen & Bath

Cordless drywall cutout tool, mortar gun for masonry joints, hammer-in chemical anchors, new roof rail bracket Read more

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