November 1997 Table of Contents

Big Bang Low Bucks Marketing

A successful design-builder explains how to get the most results from the fewest marketing dollars. Read more

Building Technology: Fifteen Years of Change

We take a look back at the new products and technologies that have changed the way we build. Read more

Curing Crawlspace Moisture Problems

In hot, humid climates, more ventilation is not always the answer to excessive crawlspace moisture. This remodeler uses a variety of approaches, depending on the situation. Read more

Getting Started With Brick Veneer

A brick expert explains what to watch out for when contracting a brick veneer job, from flashing and weep details to properly cleaning the brick at the end of the job. Read more

Hydro-Air Heating Options

For climates where both heating and cooling are needed, this hybrid system offers the greatest flexibility. An hvac contractor shows how he makes it work. Read more

Managing Multiple Jobs

The production manager and president of a high-end remodeling company explain the procedures they use to coordinate several jobs at once. Read more


Vinyl siding defended, spray insulations, Model Energy Code Read more


How new tax law affects contractors, window installation certification programs, building market up and down in mixed economy Read more

Q&A: Attaching Metal Roofing

Q: When installing metal roof panels, should you screw or nail, and should the fasteners go through the flats or the ribs of the roof profile? Read more

Q&A: Radiant Heat Efficiency

Q: My hvac sub tells me that hot water radiant heat is "more efficient" than traditional forced hot air. Is this true? Read more

Q&A: Hardwood Floors Over I-Joists

Q: Are there any problems with installing hardwood floor over wood I-joists? Read more

By Design: Sharing Bath Space

Adding a second bathroom Read more

Strictly Business: Hiring A Bookkeeper

Hiring a professional bookkeeper Read more

Legal Advisor: What Triggers ADA Compliance

When must you comply with the ADA? Read more

Practical Engineering: Calculating Loads on Beams and Headers JLC CLASSIC Practical Engineering: Calculating Loads on Beams and Headers

To accurately size a beam or a header, you have to figure out how much weight it has to support. Here's how. Read more


New clip provides drywall backing at corners, two-part urethane adhesive for rebar pins, innovative recirculator for hot water on demand, drywall joint tape for outside corners Read more

Toolbox: Cordless Recip Saws

A look at cordless reciprocating saws Read more

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