December 1998 Table of Contents

Fast Trim Without a Tape JLC Classic Fast Trim Without a Tape

How to mark, cut, and preassemble door casings without ever pulling out a tape measure. Read more

Installing Gable Roof Trusses

On-the-ground layout and efficient use of a crane enable these Rhode Island builders to place, brace, and sheathe a truss roof in one day. Read more

Site Test: Coil Siding Nailer

A West Coast contractor puts coil siding nailers through their paces on the job site and reports on the results. Read more

Year-End Tax Tips

Tax time is just around the corner. These reminders from a construction CPA will help you organize your year-end paperwork so you’re not caught off guard when April 15th rolls around. Read more

Trouble-Free Forced-Air Heat

An hvac contractor explains how to size, select, and install furnaces and ductwork to ensure quiet, efficient, and even heating. Read more


Insulation test results questioned, design code clarification, fence for portable table saw Read more


Watershed defects lawsuit hits California courts, fastest house ever built, vinyl siding overtakes wood, foam form research underway Read more

Q&A: Stained Vinyl Floors

Q: I’ve built a number of homes with staple-up radiant heat tubing under vinyl flooring in the kitchens and baths. Recently a client complained of staining in his vinyl floors. In the bathroom, long dark streaks are bleeding up through the vinyl, and in the kitchen, small dark circles about the size of a quarter are forming. The staining is getting worse with time. The vinyl manufacturers claim that it’s a problem with the radiant heating and the subflooring. I lifted the vinyl and discovered that wherever discoloration occurred, there was a bleeding knot in the plywood below. I have never experienced this problem before. Any ideas? Read more

Q&A: Electrical Fluctuations

Q: I am having an electrical problem on a second-story addition I am currently building. The clients report that the lights dim periodically during the early morning hours, but that it’s not related to the refrigerator starting nor any other piece of electrical equipment in the house. I have tested the voltage and have found no fluctuations greater than two or three volts during the course of a day. The service is 200 amps, and the entire house has been completely rewired within the past six years. The wiring looks to have been properly installed. Is there something I have overlooked in trying to determine the cause of these electrical surges? The adjacent houses have not reported any surges. Read more

By Design: Efficient Laundry Rooms By Design: Efficient Laundry Rooms

Planning an efficient laundry room Read more

Strictly Business: Putting Money Away

Tips on saving for retirement Read more

Legal Adviser: Copyrights and Wrongs

Copyright laws and home design Read more


K&B installation guide from NKBA, accessible building primer, masonry construction manual Read more


Tools for cutting steel studs, specialized wire stripper, filter fabric that slows root growth, new steel shingle, safety harness for women, fabric form for concrete footings Read more

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