July 1998 Table of Contents

Building Cornice Returns

Nothing enhances a house’s appearance like properly proportioned cornice trim. Here’s how a custom builder in Vermont laid out and installed durable traditional cornices on a large custom home. Read more

10 Remodeling Sales Myths

When it comes to sales, conventional wisdom isn’t for everyone. A builder and remodeler describes the sales techniques that work for him — even when they fly in the face of “expert” advice. Read more

Troubleshooting Common Chimney Problems

Most chimney problems stem from a few root causes, such as improperly mixed mortar and poorly constructed crowns. Unfortunately, once done, the resulting damage can be expensive to repair. A chimney expert shows how to recognize and prevent Read more

Using CPVC Piping for Fire Sprinklers

Residential sprinklers systems are unobtrusive and effective, but are not usually installed because of cost. One way to make them more affordable is to use plastic piping, as described in this article by a California fire marshal. Read more

Working With Thin Solid Surfacing Working With Thin Solid Surfacing

Solid surface veneers provide the look and performance of full-thickness solid surfacing at much less cost. A fabricator explains how to laminate and install a thin solid surface counter. Read more


Durability of galvanized fasteners, rain screen flashing, roof layout with a calculator, retrofitting plywood clips Read more


Tariffs on drilled studs may be reinstated, Arizona OSHA found liable in job-site death, becoming an expert witness, tax law on sub vs. employee Read more

Q&A: Housewrap Behind Vinyl Siding

Q: Is it necessary to put housewrap behind vinyl siding on new construction? Read more

Q&A: What Is Dry Rot?

Q: I’m confused by the term "dry rot." It seems contradictory since rot occurs when wood is wet. Or is there a kind of rot that happens to wood that is too dry? Read more

By Design: Trusses vs. Rafters

Designing roofs: stick-framed or trusses? Read more

Visualizing Gross Profit Visualizing Gross Profit

Learn how to come up with a selling price that will cover your costs and earn you a profit. Read more

Legal Adviser: Five Ways to Price the Job

Five contract clauses for pricing the job Read more

Practical Engineering: Shear Nonsense

Installing hold-downs for shear walls Read more

Innovative tools and materials

Among the thousands of new building products introduced each year are some that help you build faster, better, and more economically. Here’s our pick of some of the best. Read more

Toolbox: Air Guns for Steel Framing

Pneumatic nailers for steel framing Read more

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