November 1998 Table of Contents

The Four-Day Bath Remodel

A California remodeler specializing in bathroom renovations shares his secrets for producing a complete bath-room makeover in less than a week. Read more

Getting Change Orders under Control Getting Change Orders under Control

If you have problems tracking change orders, you’re probably not getting paid for a lot of extra work. A production manager for a successful California remodeler tells how her company handles change orders, from setting client expectations to creating a complete paper trail. Read more

Housewrap vs. Felt

We’ve fielded a lot of questions from builders who use housewrap air barriers, but wonder how these new mate-ials compare with felt paper when it comes to keeping water out of the walls. An expert in wood technology draws on his own research to explain how the properties of housewraps and felt affect their performance as a water-resistant barrier under siding. Read more

Sneak Preview: New Tools for '99

When it comes to new tools — whether cordless, pneumatic, or good ol’ hand tools — there’s no place like the National Hardware Show in Chicago. Here’s what the major manufacturers unveiled this year. Read more

Using Water Heaters for Radiant Heat Using Water Heaters for Radiant Heat

A veteran plumbing contractor points out the advantages of using a gas water heater instead of a boiler for a hydronic heating system. Read more


Concerns on the new building code, reader questions quick foundation repair, architects & advertisers Read more


The best low-flow toilets, easing the labor shortage with the welfare-to-work program, new shear wall design, the Cadillac of scaffolding systems, support for women in construction Read more

Q&A: Preventing Grout Stains on Kitchen Counters Q&A: Preventing Grout Stains on Kitchen Counters

Q: I often hear clients complain that they like the look of their tile kitchen counters, but that it’s too hard to keep the grout lines clean. Is there any kind of grout that resists staining, or a sealer that works? Read more

Q&A: Insulating an Exposed Plank Cathedral Ceiling Q&A: Insulating an Exposed Plank Cathedral Ceiling

Q: What is the best way to insulate a cathedral ceiling with exposed 2x6 T&G boards above the rafters? I’m in a 6,000-degree-day climate. Read more

By Design: Bay Window Do's and Don'ts

Well-proportioned bay windows Read more

Strictly Business: Managing Your Time

Tips for managing your time more efficiently Read more

Computer Solutions: The Virtual Showroom

Creating a virtual showroom with Web site addresses Read more


Graphic guides for frame construction & interior details, mobile home repair guide, state-by-state licensing regs, updated Victorian-period details, pictorial guide to plumbing Read more


New spray adhesives, portable site-storage system, new star-head fasteners, color-coded ball valves, padlocks and chains for site security Read more

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