September 1998 Table of Contents

Building Distinctive Decks

A deck specialist explains the details that make his work stand apart from the competition. Read more

Choosing Concrete Anchors Choosing Concrete Anchors

There’s a concrete anchor for every task, from light-duty applications to heavy structural demands, but selecting the right one can be daunting. We pick through the pile of available fasteners and tell which ones should be used for your particular jobs. Read more

Faster Drywall Finishing with No-Coat Faster Drywall Finishing with No-Coat

If you finish your own drywall on small jobs, these innovative corner tapes could make life a lot easier. Here’s a hands-on evaluation from the job site. Read more

Hardwood Flooring over Radiant Heat Hardwood Flooring over Radiant Heat

Hardwood floors can perform well over radiant heat, but it takes careful hvac design, good job-site moisture control, and careful coordination between the heating sub and the flooring contractor. Here’s what you need to know. Read more

Installing Water-Managed Synthetic Stucco Installing Water-Managed Synthetic Stucco

Water leaking through poorly installed flashing and wall penetrations has proved the downfall of many EIFS jobs. A North Carolina plasterer explains how he replaces failed EIFS cladding with a two-coat stucco system specifically designed to prevent moisture damage. Read more

Writing a Company Manual

Putting clear, consistent policies in writing will benefit both productivity and morale. The owner of a successful remodeling company tells how to go about it. Read more


Markup math, plywood orientation in shear walls, tips for using foam forms Read more


Building boom woes, fiberglass batts pass air leak tests, Colorado permit fee dispute, deducting your computer Read more

Q&A: Oozing Knotholes in Pressure-Treated Deck

Q: Is there anything that can be done, short of tear-out and replacement, to prevent the knotholes in pressure-treated pine decking from oozing on hot days? Read more

Q&A: Mildew-Resistant Paint

Q: Which paints are more mildew-resistant, oil-based or acrylic? How can I prevent mildew from growing on painted surfaces? Read more

Q&A: Low Flows and Waste Lines

Q: Do low-flow toilets generate enough water to carry solids through the soil pipe to the city sewage line or the septic system? With so little water being flushed, my concern is that in older homes with cast iron pipes, corrosion in the pipe may catch the solids and cause blockage. Read more

By Design: The Expandable Floor Plan

Planning for an expandable house Read more

Strictly Business: From Mechanic to Manager

The makings of a good project manager Read more

Resources: Radiant Heating Guide

Radiant heating primer, masonry veneer guide, user-friendly UBC Index Read more


Temporary dust curtain, plastic Romex connectors, aluminum roofing toeboards, whole-house ventilation system, quick-drying caulk, stainable vinyl windows, non-toxic PVC cement Read more

Toolbox: A Problem-Solving Sander

Fein 636 sander put to the test Read more

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