April 1999 Table of Contents

Aluminum Trim for Vinyl Siding

Brake-bent aluminum coil stock makes for crisp, durable trim details at windows, doors, and fascia. A Pennsylvania vinyl siding contractor reveals the tricks of the metalworking trade. Read more

Choosing Estimating Software

The sheer number and variety of estimating programs make it difficult to find a good fit at the right price. This overview of ten representative packages will help you pick the features you need at a price you can afford. Read more

Hydronic Baseboard Basics Hydronic Baseboard Basics

Finned-tube baseboard is the most commonly installed hot-water heating system in the country. An expert system designer explains how to size and install an efficient layout using the latest equipment. Read more

Leaving The Field

Making the switch from site work to office work is a watershed event for most construction company owners. A New Jersey contractor who’s made the move successfully explains how to ease the transition. Read more

Tool Test: In-Line Circular Saws

A California framer and his crew report on the newest in-line circular saws after putting them through the most reliable test they could think of — a month on the job site. Read more

Working With Manufactured Stone

As a veneer on exterior walls or masonry chimneys, manmade stone looks like the real thing, but without the weight and the cost. Read more


More on heating with water heaters, steel stud comments, AIA contract, window energy-cost correction, in praise of crushed stone Read more


New efficiency program guarantees energy costs, AGC adopts pay-if-paid contracts, IBC to replace existing model codes, over-the-counter “green” materials, vent-free fire-place cautions, self-insured medical plans, new pressure-treated wood classifications Read more

Q&A: Concrete Cold Joints

Q: Occasionally my foundation contractor is not able to pour all of the concrete for a foundation at once, leaving vertical and horizontal cold joints. How do you prep the surface of the concrete after the first pour to make sure such joints are structurally sound? Read more

Q&A: Solid Floor Blocking

Q: In the search for a bounce-free floor, does either solid blocking or cross-bridging do anything to reduce the vibration caused by foot traffic? I haven’t been able to sense a difference between blocked or bridged floors and those without blocking or bridging. Consequently, I haven’t used either technique on my floor systems for several years. Read more

Q&A: Duplicating Old Moldings

Q: I often get into projects in old houses where I need short runs of molding that are impossible to match. It’s very costly to have the molding manufactured in local woodworking shops in my area of Maine because they have to grind special knives. Is there a source for old or unusual moldings? Read more

Q&A: Disappearing-Door Slides Q&A: Disappearing-Door Slides

Q: I’m looking for a source for hide-away doors like the ones shown in the recent article by Annette DePaepe on laundry rooms ( By Design, 12/98, page 18). Is this hardware available for full-size doors? What are its limitations? Read more

By Design: Backfitting Good Design

Making the existing house match the addition Read more


Construction standards, structural troubleshooting, kitchen and bath design guide, safety handbook, bar-chart scheduling, tool sharpening primer Read more


Remote-mounted vent fans, flexible gas tubing, OSB with layout lines, MDF molding, electrical box extender, weatherproof adhesive, two-part urethane foam, tall entry doors, foil-faced bubble wrap, heavy-duty lockset, water purification system, laminate flooring, steam bath generator Read more

Toolbox: New Power Finish Saw

The new Bosch power handsaw Read more

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Leaks in buried copper, positive placement nailing system, employee vs. sub, spec building Read more

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