February 1999 Table of Contents

Factory-Built Custom Homes

By working closely with a modular manufacturer, it’s possible to build a custom-quality home faster and less expensively than the site-built variety. A New Jersey builder of solar homes tells how he does it. Read more

Shopping For Portable Compressors Shopping For Portable Compressors

We take a close look at hand-held and wheelbarrow models, and sort out the performance differences between single-stage vs. two-stage pumps and oil-less vs. oil-bath types. An explanation of air-delivery ratings and a heads-up on new design features to look for make this article a must-read before shopping for your next job-site compressor. Read more

Subbing Out Everything

A project coordinator for a large remodeling company explains how they successfully run multiple projects using subcontractors for everything, including framing and finish carpentry. Read more

Waterproof Fiberglass Decks Waterproof Fiberglass Decks

Roofing membranes are not the only way to protect living space located beneath exterior decks. Adapting a technique from the boat-building industry, this builder uses two-part fiberglass resin to provide a durable, watertight deck surface. Here’s a step-by-step description. Read more

Zoning Forced-Air Heating Systems

An hvac contractor shows how he uses advanced controls and motorized dampers to provide balanced zone control in forced-air heating systems, in both retrofits and new installations. Read more


Follow-up questions on using water heaters for radiant heat, framing sub speaks out, clarification of span-to-depth ratio of floor trusses, architect espouses teamwork Read more


Heatway & Goodyear square off in radiant tubing failure, L-P adds money to siding settlement, Senergy leaves EIFS group, dangers of fluorescent lamps, wood stoves & Y2K, mold lawsuits in Calif., benefits of insulating attics Read more

Q&A: Installing Fiberglass Batts

Q: What happens to the R-value when you stuff R-19 insulation into a 2x4 stud cavity? Read more

Q&A: Spray Foam for Foundations?

Q: The specs for spray-applied urethane foam insulation say that it does not absorb water (hydrophobic). So why is it never used on the outside of foundations? Read more

By Design: A Cookbook of Exterior Details

Simple exterior details that increase curb appeal Read more

Strictly Business: Forecasting Cash Flow

Methods for monitoring & improving cash flow Read more

Legal Adviser: Code Disagreements

When you disagree with the building inspector Read more

Computer Solutions: A Better ACT!

New Act add-on for builders Read more


Concrete manuals, a how-to for collecting what you’re owed, curved stairbuilding guide, street map of the U.S. on CD-ROM & more Read more


Extreme-temp caulk, smart fan-light, graffiti removers, insulated headers, masonry cleaner, shock-absorbing gloves Read more

Toolbox: New Hammers & More

Ergonomic hammers & other cool tools Read more

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