June 1999 Table of Contents

Durable Exterior Details Durable Exterior Details

With good design and the right materials, you can build exteriors that weather gracefully for years Read more

Grouting Ceramic Tile Grouting Ceramic Tile

A master tilesetter shows how to select, mix, and apply grout for a longlasting and attractive tile job. Read more

Production Jamb Extensions Production Jamb Extensions

Preassembling window jamb extensions speeds interior trim work and guarantees tighter joints. A finish carpentry contractor describes his system. Read more

Plumbing Venting Explained Plumbing Venting Explained

Ever wonder why the plumber insists on notching and boring the framing to run all those vent lines up through the house? A master plumber explains the whys and wherefores of venting rules, and tells how he goes beyond code minimums to avoid callbacks. Read more

Sidewinder Saws

Every carpenter already has at least one of these tools, but eventually they’ll need replacing. Here’s a comparison of pro-duty saws, with a look at new features, to assist you in making your next purchase. Read more

Using Lead Carpenters: Four Case Studies

This article will give you a close-up look at how four companies have made the lead carpenter system work for them. Read more


Defining “green,” payback periods for energy-efficient windows, termite concerns Read more


Builder Web services, new housewrap standard in the works, lead information rule announced, R-value of masonry fill insulation, Marvin court case dismissed Read more

Q&A: Carpet Filtration Mystery

Q: We are builders in the Philadelphia area. Over the past few years, we’ve experienced several cases of what we’ve been told is "carpet filtration" — dark ghost lines that appear on the carpet under doors and around the perimeter of rooms. We tested the hvac system and found a sizeable imbalance between the supply and return sides, so we added an additional central return system to equalize the pressures. Is the imbalance the major cause of the filtration? If not, what are the causes? We have had to replace some carpet, and hope that we don’t continue to be liable for a recurring problem. Read more

Q&A: Must Firewall Start in Crawlspace? Q&A: Must Firewall Start in Crawlspace?

Q: In a wood-framed townhouse with a crawlspace, does the separating firewall start from the footing and go all the way to the underside of the roof, or can it start at the main floor and go to the roof, leaving a continuous open crawlspace under adjoining units? Read more

Q&A: Straightening a Warped Wood Door

Q: How can I straighten a wood door that has warped? In this case, the bottom rail bows out from the frame. Read more

Strictly Business: Two Types of Marketing

Putting your marketing efforts where they count Read more

Legal Adviser: Moonlighting Madness

How to steer your employees away from moonlighting Read more


Estimating basics, laminate countertop primer, roofing material spec book Read more

Kitchen & Bath
Kitchen & Bath: Designing a Kitchen That Cooks

The good and the bad in new kitchen trends Read more


Cleaner caulk, new gutter guards, designer siding, bathroom defogger, sconce lighting, safety rails, fiberglass tub and shower wall, durable work wear Read more

Other Articles
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Nailers vs. staplers for shingles, favorite sawhorses, savvy advertising, MDF molding, and more Read more

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